Skydriving championship

Defence League organized on 20.-24.06 the 32.International military skydriving  championship in Jõgevamaa  and Järvamaa. The championship took place in Estonia the first time. It was for the Estonians the sixth time to take part. The main goal of the championship is  developing friendly relationships and opportunities for colaboration
between skydiving societies in different countries and exchanging experiences on different levels. Also to learn from eachothers` mistakes or success.
The first championship- Challenge Inter Ecoles de Parachytisme- took place in France in 1980 when the local military skidiving school invited all the other similar schools to participate. The next championship is going to take place in France.
On the Nurmsi airfield there  was  the EKTL (EDIU) with the display of products of its members.
Represented were: GalviLinda, Nefab, Defendec, Englo, Roman Tavast and IDD Solution.
Among the visiters of our display were the representors of the army of Sweden, France, Belgium,Poland, Lithuania and Latvia.