Erna trip 2011

Feedback   about using  IDD Solution waterproof equipment bag on military Erna  trip 2011

IDD Solution product waterproof equipment  bag  (originally for packing   uniforms and  patrol bags) was used on the Erna trip for crossing  waterbarriers and delivery of drinking water. The bag was used  three times.
1.During   the  reconnaissance  task, where    the  Soodla water reservoir  was crossed (distance about 180 m). The bag was used for transporting  uniforms, boots, camelback, weapons , food  for 12 hours  and tankmine.
2.For crossing  the Valgejõe (about 10 m waterbarriere) last night of the trip. This  time we hold in  the  bags all the equipmen t (Patrolharness of Israel heritage, uniforms, boots  and weapons)
3.During  writing  of the reconnaissance report for transporting  drinking   water ( about 20 l water  for cooking  food)
These three  points have proved the quality of the product.The bag has strong material and hasn´t  broken  even when we had  to move  through the scrub and reed. The zipper  is quality and  waterproof, even when the bag was rupside down. The belts of the bag can be used for carrying on the back. The possibility of transporting  water is  a very good  attachment.

Lauri Teppo
Member of the winner team of Erna 2011