Potential crises areas have been risen in the recent past because of the climate changes and rise of mean sea level. The frequency of floods is also continually rising.

The amount of households damaged by floods has been increased remarkably during the recent past. Among with direct victims (e.g property owners) the local governments and insurance organizations have also carried significant financial losses because of the floods.

User groups

Aid organizations

Organizations who are directly dealing with the prevention of flood damages. And also help people and regions that have been hit by the flood. For example, Safety Bags can be distributed on regions after the flood alert have been announced there. Safety Bags can also be distributed on the regions that have already been hit by the flood, to rescue overriding objects (this of course depends on how quickly the water is rising). Safety Bag also informs people how to protect their property by using this protective package.

Business companies

Different type of businesses that own material assets what can be protected and spare by using Safety Bag. Also businesses who are selling rescue equipment.


Private persons who own property on regions where flood risk is very high and their ways to protect property are limited.

Safety Bag Floater – chance to react quickly! IDD Solutions goal is to offer the range of waterproof property protection packages to the market. These package are meant to use on the regions with the high flood risk around the world.