Floater L

IDD Solutions core model of the package range allows easily wrap up belongings inside the building threatened by flood. All large size objects can be wrapped into waterproof packages and let them stay inside the building until flood has been fall back. For example, heavy floods hit Austria few years ago and people were unable to evacuate the assets of art museum. Many of those assets are now wrecked for good. Protecting buildings or other kind of property (e.g dykes, shutters, closed territories etc.) from floods is impossible in certain situations. Or it is just too late for that.  Taking measures to prevent flood damages is too often avoided because of the financial costs, operational difficulties or just because of the attitude:” This will never happen to me”.  IDD Solutions have developed waterproof package for indoor usage to protect property against flood.  The package is made from elastic water- and airtight material and can be closed with watertight and air pressured zipper. Standard solutions size measures differ from 1 – 4 m3. Tailor-made solutions are furnished with different features based on customers needs. It also includes the size and shape.
Made in EU
Production process: ISO 9001:2008
Waterproof textiles: EN 343 Class 3/4 and EN 71
Development and production of sealing zippers: DIN EN ISO 9001:2008

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